How to beautify your garden in 2023


Tune into your garden’s needs

Again, a privacy statement should come into play: “Draw lines away from doors and windows, as they will be out of sight.” Knowing this, you’ll be able to find the best garden shelter ideas for your space needs. This is the perfect time to add your favorite garden features or themes. Bringing together all your gardening inspiration from online functions, social media, magazines and more.

Choose the right plants for your garden

Follow the advice above and choose your plants carefully! If you have a drier area, consider native plants that are naturally more drought tolerant, such as sedum and speedwell (veronica). If you have a wet spot, consider moisture-tolerant plants that don’t mind wet feet, such as irises, cannas, and ferns.

Create a planting plan

Plan your garden makeover from start to finish. It doesn’t have to happen all at once; adjust the schedule based on your budget and availability (or that of a professional, if you use their services). Start with all changes in hardscape and large trees and shrubs. If you’re adding lighting or an irrigation system, plan for it after removing large plants but before adding more. Amend the soil before planting. Plant last.

Care for your plants

Get ready to care for your plants throughout the growing season. Are you going on summer vacation? Remember that tomatoes and zucchini grow most in midsummer. If you’re away for part of the summer, you need someone to take care of the harvest, or you’ll suffer. Alternatively, you can plant cool-season crops like lettuce, kale, peas, and root vegetables during the cooler months of late spring and early fall.

Preserve your harvest

Protect fruit trees from rodent pests. With the mower off, mow around the fruit tree one last time to deter mice or voles from nesting there. Install rodent-proof netting made of fine-mesh hardware fabric around the roots of fruit trees to prevent mice and voles from eating the bark and killing the tree in winter. Tree wrap material is also useful. Learn more about how to keep mice and voles out of your garden.

Harvest your produce

Check the plants every few days and remove the fruit and pods before they grow too large or too ripe. If you’re away from home for more than a week, encourage your neighbors to pick them – they get free food while you go home and keep picking!

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